About CRT
The Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), A. C., is an inter professional organization comprising all actors and production staff associated with the Tequila production. The aim of the CRT is to promote the culture and quality of this beverage that has gained an important place among the national identity symbols.


The CRT seeks Tequila prestige through research and specialized studies. Thus spreads all elements which confer value and recreate its culture.

The CRT is accredited as Inspection Unit and as Certification Body before the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) to secure quality. Likewise, the CRT has been approved as such by the Standards General Direction (DGN) of the Economy Secretary (SE).

The CRT Quality Assurance System guarantees the reliability of its services. The ISO – 9002 Certification was granted to the CRT since June 1999. This international acknowledgment for the CRT involves ongoing commitment to improve its processes and consolidate a culture shift focused to quality.

Other acknowledgements:

► Asociación Española de Normalización (AENOR) June-22-1999 with IQnet acknowledgement over 25 member countries.

► Asociación de Normalización y Certificación (ANCE) July -16-1999.

The CRT is a private non-profit organization and it has its own legal personality. Domestic and international scope, where the purpose is to certify compliance with the Tequila Mandatory Rules.

Other acknowledgements:

The CRT is comprised of agave producers, Tequila businessmen, packers, marketers and government representation to ensure the Tequila industry representation and transparency in operation. In a balanced and sharing manner, the CRT had help to built credibility and trust, into both their constituents and outside of the Council.
1. Secure, through verification, compliance with NOM-TEQUILA.
2. Guarantee consumer with product’s authenticity.
3. Certification of the el NOM-TEQUILA compliance, safeguarding Appellation of Origin both in Mexico and abroad.


► UVNOM 002 Accreditation with Reference Number 99UV0016 as Verification Unit and under Number 05 with Official Letter 312.16.98.055 as Certification Body for the Standard: NOM-006-SCFI-2012 accredited by then the SECOFI, now Secretary of Economy, SE. Similarly, the CRT is accredited and approved as Verification Unit for NOM-142-SSA1-1995. Goods and Services. Alcoholic Beverages. Health Specifications. Health and Commercial Labelling. Reference to Chapter 9 (labelling)..

What we do?


Inspection and Certify with ethics, honesty, transparency and impartiality the compliance of standards applicable to TEQUILA, to products containing TEQUILA and its source materials, as well as Quality Specifications and Systems, safeguarding the Designation of Origin, both in Mexico and abroad, creating trust and added value for our members, clients, collaborators, government bodies and agencies, for the benefit of the consumers.


Guarantee the authenticity of all tequila for the consumers’ benefit Become the information and service center for all the chain of production and the world center of reference on information on agave and tequila. Provide timely and precise information to all interested parties: agave producers, tequila manufacturers, suppliers, authorities, etc. involved in the agave-tequila chain of production.