Our institution’s purpose is to harmonize our goals with the achievement of all of our collaborators’ personal objectives.

Being an institution committed to quality, the Tequila Regulatory Council has engaged a highly-competitive staff qualified to meet our competitive standards, reacting in a pro-active manner to changes and innovation.

We always seek the professional growth of our collaborators through capacity-building and teamwork. We maintain high technical standards and exceptional quality in our services; all of the above is based always on honesty, professional ethics and continuous improvement.

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Av Patria No. 723
Section: Jardines de Guadalupe
Zip Code: 45030
City: Zapopan>
State, Country: Jalisco, México 
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Switchboard: (0133) 1002-1900
Fax (0133) 1002-1925
Fax (0133) 1002-1926


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