The individual or corporation that produces Alcoholic beverages containing tequila as an ingredient in a foreign country must request certification of its products containing Tequila from the Certifying Body through the Authorized Producer.

Users: Producers of Alcoholic beverages containing tequila in foreign countries.

Response time: 2 business days.

Lugares donde realizar este trámite: Av. Patria No. 723  C.P. 45030, Jardines de Guadalupe, Zapopan, Jalisco, México.

Business hours: 8:30 to 6:30 Monday to Friday.

Cost: No cost

Contact: (33)1002-1908


  1. Copy of the Joint responsiblity Agreement signed with an Authorized Producer, for products containing Tequila.
  2. Copy of the IMPI’s authorization of the joint responsibility agreement.
  3. Copy of the Bottlers’ Approval Certificate (CAE).
  4. Copy of the Brand Registration.
  5. Set of labels for product to be certified.

Once having obtained the above documents, the interested party may request the Certificate of Authenticity for Tequila Exports (CAET), in order to be authorized to produce beverages containing Tequila